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Chotoku Kyan Sensei

Of all the well-known martial artists of yesteryears, few have attained the status of becoming legends. One such legendary figure was Sensei Chotoku Kyan. Standing only 4’ 10” tall, this frail-looking, be-spectacled man of small stature was a giant in the world of Karate-do.

Born in 1870 as a weak child with poor eyesight, Kyan Sensei started his martial training early in life, learning from his father and grandfather. He then went on to be trained by six of the best Okinawan martial arts masters of that era.

After studying under these masters for long years, and travelling to mainland Japan and Taiwan, Kyan Sensei, by then having founded the famous kata “Ananku”, went on to teach. Amongst his small but dedicated student following was his top student, Zenryo Shimabukuro; who would later become the founder of the Seibukan dojo.

Having lived his entire life following the principles of the martial arts. During the war, when food was scarce, Kyan Sensei gave away whatever food he could find to his students. He died of hunger at the age of 75, leaving his disciple Zenryo Shimabukuro as the foremost authority to carry on his teachings of Sukunaihayashi Shorin Ryu.