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Renshi  V.A. Mohamed Iqbal

" To be a complete  Karateka, one  should have patience,  perseverance &  respect for others."

Born in 1958, Iqbal started karate training in 1977 under Sensei P. Kuppusamy of Malaysia - a famous karate master who, at that time, had over 25,000 students. From the very beginning, Iqbal had a liking for karate and a flair for mastering the techniques. 

With keen interest, enthusiasm and hard work he always topped the class. Even before he got his black belt, he used to assist his master Kuppusamy in promoting Seibukan karate by conducting classes for those ranked lower than himself.

Cheif Instructor UAE 

& Technical Director 
for Middle East.
6th Dan Karate, 
4rd Dan Kobudo &
2nd Dan Aikido 

Ranked 6th Dan in Karate, 4th Dan in Kobudo and 2nd Dan in Aikido, Renshi Iqbal is the Chief Instructor of the style for the UAE, as well as Technical Director for the Middle East.

Over the decades, Renshi Iqbal has attended several local and international seminars and tournaments.


  • 16/11/88 to 27 11/88 in Malaysia Instructors' training by Sensei Kuppusamy .
  • 10/1/1990 to 18/1/1990 in Malaysia Instructors training by Sensei Kuppusamy .
  • 9/7/1993 - 19/7/1993 in Germany Seibukan Summer Camp and Instructors Training conducted by 'O' Sensei Hanshi Zenpo Shimabukuro (9th Dan), Sensei J. Measara (6th Dan karate, 6th Dan Aikido, 5th Dan Kobudo), Sensei Dan Smith (7th Dan), Sensei Jeff Nagata (6th Dan) and Sensei Warren Berto (5th Dan) .
  • 15.8.97 - 21.8.97 in Okinawa, Japan - Seibukan Seminar, Okinawa Karate Kobudo World Tournament .
  • 6.10.98 - 13.10.98 in Atlanta, U.S.A-Seibukan World Cup Tournament, Seibukan Seminar, Instructors' Training .
  • February 2001 in Cochin, India- Seibukan seminar conducted by O Sensei Zenpo Shimabukuro and Sensei J. Measara, Instructors' training conducted by Sensei Zenpo Shimabukuro.
  • August 2002 in Germany - Seibukan 40th anniversary training seminar conducted by Sensei Zenpo Shimabukuro, Sensei Zenshun Shimabukuro, Sensei J. Measara and Sensei Warren Berto.


Sensei Iqbal attends regular training seminars with Sensei Jamal Measara (6th Dan karate, 6th Dan Aikido, 5th Dan Kobudo). Sensei Measara conducted all of the following seminars, unless mentioned otherwise.

  • 7.2.92 – 14.2.92 Special Instructors’ Training
  • 30.1.93 - 1.2.93 Japanese Traditional Sports Mission Seminar by Karate Federation U.A.E.
  • 23.7.93 Special Instructors' Training
  • 20.5.94 - 22.5.94 Kumite Seminar, Group Training and Instructor's Training
  • 2.6.95 - 9.6.95 Group Training, Self Defense Clinic, Instructor's Training
  • 24.11.95 - 2.12.95 Group Training and Instructor's Training with Sensei Measara and O Sensei Zenpo Shimabukuro (9th Dan), president of the International Shorin Ryu Seibukan Karate-do Association
  • 12.5.96 Self Defense Clinic, Group Training and Instructor's Training
  • 9.5.97 - 16.5.97 Self Defense Clinic, Group Training and Instructor's Training
  • 1.5.98 Self Defense Clinic, Group Training and Instructor's Training
  • 28.4.2000 - 10.5.2000 Seibukan Seminar
  • April 20Seibukan Seminar, Self Defense Clinic, Group Training and Kata Clinic with Sensei Measara and Sensei Zenshun (3rd Dan)


  • Referee and Judges Clinic in Al Shabab club, Dubai, conducted by the U.A.E Judo Taekwondo Karate Federation
  • 13.2.1992 - 20.2.92 in Dubai Clinic conducted by the U.A.E Judo Taekwondo Karate Federation (G.C.C countries) Judge-B
  • 6.7.2002 - 10.7.20 West Asia Karate Federation Referee and Judging Seminar Passed as Judge-B Conducted by Sensei Tommy Morris, W.K.F. chairman.