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Sensei Jaleel 

Asst. Chief Instructor 
for I.S.S. 
Karate-Do UAE. 
4th Dan Karate, 
2nd Dan Kobudo & 

1st Dan Aikido

Sensei V.A.M Jaleel joined Karate with his brothers. For this strong energetic and aggressive youngster , fitting into the karate mould was not very difficult. In spite of the training being gruelling beyond imagination and a real challenge physically and mentally, this man never learned to quit.  

Overcoming every challenge life had to offer, this man tasted success through Karate, and was brought to the UAE by his brother, Sensei Iqbal. Over the years, his dedication to his training and his students has been consistently incremental. 

Along with his brothers, Sensei Jaleel spends at least a few days a year updating his skill-set and perfecting his form under the supervision of higher-ranking Senseis.  Apart from the UAE, he has also trained in: 

•    India (his home)
•    Malaysia
•    Germany
•    USA
•    Okinawa, Japan

A known Seibukan figure around the world, Sensei Jaleel’s warm demeanor, sense of humour and hard training is what makes his students love him as a person and respect him as their Sensei.

Ranked 5th Dan in Karate, 3rd Dan in Kobudo and 2nd Dan in Aikido, Sensei Jaleel is Assistant Chief Instructor of the style for the UAE.

  • 16/11/88 to 27 11/88 in Malaysia Instructors' training by Sensei Kuppusamy
  • 0/1/1990 to 18/1/1990 in Malaysia Instructors training by Sensei Kuppusamy 
  • 9/7/1993 - 19/7/1993 in Germany Seibukan Summer Camp and Instructors Training conducted by 'O' Sensei Hanshi Zenpo Shimabukuro (9th Dan), Sensei J. Measara (6th Dan karate, 6th Dan Aikido, 5th Dan Kobudo), Sensei Dan Smith (7th Dan), Sensei Jeff Nagata (6th Dan) and Sensei Warren Berto (5th Dan) .
  • 15.8.97 - 21.8.97 in Okinawa, Japan - Seibukan Seminar, Okinawa Karate Kobudo World Tournament .
  • 6.10.98 - 13.10.98 in Atlanta, U.S.A-Seibukan World Cup Tournament, Seibukan Seminar, Instructors' Training .
  • February 2001 in Cochin, India- Seibukan seminar conducted by O Sensei Zenpo Shimabukuro and Sensei J. Measara, Instructors' training conducted by Sensei Zenpo Shimabukuro . August 2002 in Germany - Seibukan 40th anniversary training seminar conducted by Sensei Zenpo Shimabukuro, Sensei Zenshun Shimabukuro, Sensei J. Measara and Sensei Warren Berto .


  • Sensei Jaleel attends regular training seminars with Sensei Jamal Measara (6th Dan karate, 6th Dan Aikido, 5th Dan Kobudo). Sensei Measara conducted all of the following seminars, unless mentioned otherwise.
  • 7.2.92 - 14.2.92 - Special Instructors' Training .
  • 30.1.93 - 1.2.93 - Japanese Traditional Sports Mission Seminar by Karate Federation U.A.E.
  • 23.7.93 - Special Instructors' Training .
  • 2.6.95 - 9.6.95 - Group Training, Self Defense Clinic, Instructor's Training .
  • 24.11.95 - 2.12.95- Group Training and Instructor's Training with Sensei Measara and O Sensei Zenpo Shimabukuro (9th Dan), president of the International Shorin Ryu Seibukan Karate-do Associat .
  • 12.5.96 - Self Defense Clinic, Group Training and Instructor's Training .
  • 9.5.97 - 16.5.97 - Self Defense Clinic, Group Training and Instructor's Training .
  • 1.5.98 - Self Defense Clinic, Group Training and Instructor's Tra .
  • 28.4.2000 - 10.5.2000 - Seibukan Seminar .
  • pril 2002 - Seibukan Seminar, Self Defense Clinic, Group Training and Kata Clinic with Sensei   Measara and Sensei Zenshun (3rd Dan) .