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Sensei V.A. Najeem

" The Only secret  of  traditional karate lies in understanding of the technique, and hard training "

The eldest of the three brothers who brought Shorin-ryu Seibukan to the UAE, Sensei Najeem was the first of them to enroll for Karate classes. Soon after that, he realised the benefits this wonderful art would offer to his younger brothers Jaleel and Iqbal. 

Very few people know of Sensei Najeem as a qualified lawyer. Well, black and white has been the story of his life. But not in law. So influential was Karate in his life that he gave up his white clothes and black lawyers’ gown and chose to spend his life wearing the white GI and black belt.

Alongside his brothers, Sensei Najeem continues to impart his knowledge and wisdom upon his students, and maintains his own training. Together, him and his brothers have travelled far and wide to continuously better themselves. With them, he has travelled to various countries around the world to attend tournaments and training seminars, including:

Cheif Examiner of I.S.S.
Karate-Do UAE. 
5th Dan Karate & 
3rd  Dan Kobudo
2nd  Dan Aikido

•    India (home)
•    Malaysia
•    Germany
•    USA
•    Okinawa, Japan

His superiors applaud him, his piers admire him, and his students adore him. His soft-spoken conduct, strictness of form and friendly nature have earned him a place respect in the hearts of all who know him.

Ranked 5th Dan in Karate, 3rd Dan in Kobudo and 2nd Dan in Aikido, Sensei Najeem is Chief Examiner of the style for the UAE.


Sensei Najeem attends regular training seminars with Sensei Jamal Measara (6th Dan karate, 6th Dan Aikido, 5th Dan Kobudo). Sensei Measara conducted all of the following seminars, unless mentioned otherwise.

  • 7.2.92 - 14.2.92 Special Instructors' Training .
  • 30.1.93 - 1.2.93 Japanese Traditional Sports Mission Seminar by KarateFederation U.A.E.
  • 23.7.93 Special Instructors' Training .
  • 20.5.94 - 22.5.94 Kumite Seminar, Group Training and Instructor's Training .
  • 2.6.95 - 9.6.95 Group Training, Self Defense Clinic, Instructor's Training .
  • 24.11.95 - 2.12.95 Group Training and Instructor's Training with Sensei Measara and O Sensei Zenpo Shimabukuro (9th Dan), president of the International Shorin Ryu Seibukan Karate-do Association .
  • 12.5.96 Self Defense Clinic, Group Training and Instructor's Training .
  • 9.5.97 - 16.5.97 Self Defense Clinic, Group Training and Instructor's Training .
  • 1.5.98 Self Defense Clinic, Group Training and Instructor's Training .
  • 28.4.2000 - 10.5.2000 Seibukan Seminar .
  • April 2001 Seibukan Seminar, Self Defense Clinic, Group Training and Kata Clinic with Sensei Measara and Sensei Zenshun (3rd Dan) .

Year… Referee and Judges Clinic in Al Shabab club, Dubai, conducted by the U.A.E Judo Taekwondo Karate Federation .
  • 13.2.1992 - 20.2.92 in Dubai Clinic conducted by the U.A.E Judo Taekwondo Karate Federation (G.C.C countries) Judge-C .
  • 6.7.2002 - 10.7.2002 West Asia Karate Federation Referee and Judging Seminar   Conducted by Sensei Tommy Morris, W.K.F. Chairman .