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Sensei Zenpo Shimabukuro

In a journey that lasts a lifetime, no more than a handful of Senseis have achieved as much as O Sensei Hanshi Zenpo Shimabukuro has done. Fewer still have done so in as little a time as he has done.

He is the son of the founder of the Seibukan dojo, the late Sensei Zenryo Shimabukuro (10th Dan).Taking after his father, Zenpo Sensei is a strongly built man with powerful technique, superb stances and impeccable form. Yet, his humble nature and down-to-earth manner is almost as mesmerizing as watching him perform a kata.

At only 65 years of age, in the year 2008 he was awarded the highest accolade in Karate: the rank of 10th Dan (red belt). No more than a much-coveted dream for every serious karateka; this reality was, as every Sensei on the island of Okinawa would agree, well-deserved for the evergreen Hanshi Shimabukuro.

 His tournament career had been no less impressive, with the 1963 Pennsylvania State championships, the 1964 National Kata Championship and the Canadian International Championship under his belt.

To date, Hanshi Shimabukuro has maintained the Okinawan tradition of the master choosing his students; not the other way around. He believes in leading by example, and continues to inspire all those around him to continuously improve themselves; just as he continues to do himself.